Polar Weeks

   Polar Weeks occur twice a year, close to the spring equinoxes (March) and the autumn equinox (October). The Equinoxes are the only time when everywhere on earth the day length is 12 hours. This is the perfect occasion to celebrate the polar regions and all the science that is done, both by Portuguese researchers and foreign colleagues.

   Officially, this activity began in 2012, with the organization of APECS International and Polar Educators International, and over time it has had the support of other different organizations to bring the polar regions to a wider audience.

   In Portugal, APECS Portugal, together with Education PROPOLAR, has taken polar science to numerous schools and science events, from the north to the south of the country. Until 2022, the Polar Weeks have already reached:

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   Scientists are invited to give a presentation in schools that express interest, and spread the joy of the poles.

   If you would like to have a scientist at your School or University, or if you are a researcher wishing to participate, do not hesitate to contact us.