V Workshop APECS Portugal

workshop apecs portugal

   The V Workshop APECS Portugal took place at the University of Évora, on 30 October 2014, as part of the 5th Portuguese Conference on Polar Sciences, with the theme “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”.

   This Workshop was one of the first and with an added importance of giving impetus to the growth of APECS Portugal and the subsequent Workshops and actions of APECS. Thus, the objective, as mentioned in the title, addressed the foundation and APECS, its objectives in the short and medium term, its current situation, and future directions.

   In this context, the Workshop had as guests, past and present members of the association, namely José Seco and Sara Aparício from APECS Portugal, Ana Salomé from the Portuguese Polar Program, Iglika Trifonova from APECS Bulgaria, Gerlis Fugman from APECS International and Silvia Lourenço, José Xavier and Alexandre Nieuwendam former founding members of APECS Portugal.