Diana Martins

   Diana Martins holds a BSc in Geography from the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) at the University of Lisbon. Currently, she is pursuing a MSc in Physical Geography and Spatial Planning at IGOT, where she collaborates with the Center for Geographical Studies (CEG | Portugal) and the Center for Nordic Studies (CEN | Canada).

   Her current research focuses on the Subarctic regions, where she is characterizing landscape changes driven by permafrost degradation and abrupt thaw using ultra-high and very high-resolution remote sensing data. She has participated in several field campaigns, with the longest one (approximately 1 month) conducted in 2022 in the Canadian Subarctic. Additionally, she has authored numerous scientific publications, participated in international conferences and congresses, and engaged in scientific outreach activities.

   Diana became a member of the Executive Committee of APECS Portugal in April of 2024.

Occupation: MSc Student |  Institution: IGOT-UL