Céline Rodrigues

   After being an Army Officer, working in several Portuguese companies such as “Relações Internacionales” she decided to pursue research in International Relations where she (re)discovered her interest in the Arctic region (despite not being a fan of the cold) and their indigenous populations during the master’s degree at Universidade Portucalense. Her dissertation was about Human Security of Inuit and Sámi in Canada and Finland: comparing Arctic Policies. Now in her PhD in International Relations at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, she intends to continue studying the region, but by linking the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, maritime security and human security, respectively, with a focus on Portugal due to its geographical position and the role it can play in a new geopolitical context that emerges with climate change that changes the Arctic and experienced the rest of the world. Portugal can share its knowledge and receive information from the Arctic countries and its receipts, which therefore allows it to define a position to be in the Arctic.

   Céline Rodrigues participated in IDN Jovem in 2021, with a text published in 2022 (IDNcadernos nº 47) entitled Portugal and the Rapprochement to the Atlantic in the 21st Century. Atlantic Defense and Security – Maritime Security. Thus, she has begun the first steps in publications.

   She is bilingual in French – Portuguese (despite the translation of her name at the consulate when she was born, she has signed her name in French, but doesn’t mind if it’s Celina in Portuguese). She is also fluent in English and Spanish.

Occupation: PhD Student | Institution: FCSH – UNova Lisboa