Joana Fragão

Joana Fragão

   Joana Fragão has a degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Ecology from the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra (Portugal). Currently is a Bisciences PhD student at the University of Coimbra and conducts research at the Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre (MARE | Portugal) and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS | Cambridge, United Kingdom). 

   She is currently studying the impacts of anthropogenic activities (e.g., microplastic pollution) and climate change in the food chain of the Scotia Sea, Antarctica. In addition to scientific activities, she participates in actions to disseminate polar science in schools and universities.

    Her main areas of interest are polar ecology, climate change, impact of anthropogenic activities on the ecosystem, science communication and environmental law.

   She is the current President of the Executive Committee of APECS Portugal and a member since January 2019.

Occupation: PhD Student | Institution: MARE-UC/BAS