José Queirós

   José Queirós is a PhD student in Biosciences at the University of Coimbra (Portugal), developing is work in MARE – Marine and Environmental Research Centre (Portugal) and BAS – British Antarctic Survey (United Kingdom). José focus his research on the Southern Ocean deep-sea, being interested in the ecological interactions (mainly predator-prey), species auto ecology and resources management. In his PhD, he studies the deep-sea food webs of the Southern Ocean, in particular those associated with the Antarctic and Patagonian toothfish fisheries in the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, aiming to determine its structure across an environmental gradient.

   José started to work with Southern Ocean ecology during his degree where he studied the habitat and trophic ecology of squids. In the MSc, José changed the focus of his research and developed his thesis studying the trophic ecology and ecotoxicology of Antarctic toothfish in the Ross, Amundsen and Dumont D’Urville Seas. Throughout his academic career, José counts with more than 9 months onboard fishing vessels in the Southern Ocean (Amundsen, Dumont D’Urville, Ross and Scotia Seas) and 3 months at the scientific station at King Edward Point, South Georgia.

   José is also the President of APECS International (term 2023-24). He’s enrolled in APECS since 2014 at a national level (member of APECS Portugal ExCom) and from 2016 at an international level being member of the Council where he led several project groups over the years, was Council Chair for 2 terms and vice-president for the term 2022-23.

Occupation:  PhD Student | Institution: MARE-UC/BAS